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NYU Global Public Relations Strategy and Execution Intensive (Summer 2014)

July 28/August 1 – enrollment available to participate – not much time left

Relationships between an organization (corporation, government or nongovernmental agency, nonprofit, small business, public relations firm, private consultant) and specific stakeholders are constantly changing. Every day and every minute, the interaction of global communication and economic dynamics and digital technologies requires monitoring and proactive or reactive responses—what’s now called global public relations.

Today’s business decision-makers and management scholars know global relationships with stakeholders are key not only to improve the effectiveness of the management decision-making processes, but also to ensure achievement of their global business goals.
If you share or want to know more about this global view, enroll in this NYU summer intensive course to immerse yourself in the evolving global public relations conversation. You will experience five intense and challenging days in New York City, the world’s capital of media and public relations. Two seasoned and highly experienced graduate-level professors (see biographies below) will conduct the classes, along with leading multinational agency and corporate practitioners at firms such as BNY Mellon, Burson-Marsteller, IBM, Edelman, General Electric, Ketchum, Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Roche and others. Public relations scholars from around the world plus distinguished NYU graduate public relations alumni from Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas also will teach you what truly defines global public relations today and how it differs from traditional domestic practices. A week-long practicum-style case-study project for a real-time client will allow you to apply what you learn each day.
This intensive course, the first of its kind, will help you to identify stakeholders; to explore communication and cultural alignment (internal/external, time/space, digital/real, and corporate/marketing); to understand multichannel, multistakeholder integrated reporting, advocacy and dialogue; to set objectives; to pretest and post-test activities and to evaluate and measure results.You will learn from and experience the content and teaching methods of the NYU-SCPS Master of Science Program in Public Relations and Corporate Communication (NYU PR&CC), a two-year degree considered among the best and most sought-after in the world.
The course meets Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and includes:
Day 1: Welcome, introduction and presentation of full program, participant networking, discussion of course expectations and outcomes. On-site and online guest lectures. Identify and begin case-study team project.
Day 2: What is global public relations and why is it different from routine public relations? A satellite look at the global public relations community. On-site and online guest lectures. Continue case-study team project.
Day 3: The process: Envisioning, identifying and mapping stakeholder relationship systems, listening, involving and engaging; planning, setting objectives and pretesting; implementing (channels and tools), evaluating and post testing (communication and relationships). On-site and online guest lectures. Continue case-study team project.
Day 4: A look at public relations culture and practice in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas through NYU PR&CC alumni working in the field. On-site and online guest lectures. Continue case-study team project.
Day 5:  Summary of globalization and its impact on global public relations and on principal components of a stakeholder relationship governance infrastructure. On-site and online guest lectures. Presentation of final case-study team project.
Continuing Education Units (CEU): 4NYU Faculty:
Toni Muzi Falconi: Senior counsel of Methodos (www.methodos.com), the Italian integrated thinking, cultural change and sustainability management consultancy. Adjunct professor of global relations and intercultural communication; public affairs, issues management; and public relations at NYU and the Vatican’s Lumsa University. Founding chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. Author of articles, opeds and posts (huffington post, pr conversations, prima comunicazione) and of many books, including the latest:Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance: an infrastructure (Palgrave Macmillan 2013).
Robert Noltenmeier: NYU PR&CC full-time clinical assistant professor since 2009; adjunct since 2004.  Formerly senior corporate communication practitioner at ExxonMobil, Celanese AG and Unisys. Principal of Manhattan-based integrated marketing and corporate communication consulting firm Quadrant Communications Co., Inc. Clients include: AT&T, Citibank Private Bank, Dana Foundation for Brain Research, U.S. Federal Reserve, Polo/Ralph Lauren and The Washington Post Companies. Board of governors member and three-term president, New York chapter, International Association of Business Communicators (NY/IABC). Received 2010 NYU SCPS Award for Teaching Excellence.
Cost of the intensive: $ 2.000,00 – for further information please contact rfn1@nyu.edu or mmf6@nyu.edu You may also register directly at http://scps.nyu.edu/academics/course_detail.html?id=PRFD1-CE9643.

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